WOODBLOCK is a studio & production company for animated content.

Founded in 2013 by award winning and Emmy nominated directing team Polynoid, WOODBLOCK has its home base in Berlin. We create and produce commercials and independent short films, music videos and game trailers. With our roster of directors, we offer a broad range of unique styles and techniques.

WOODBLOCK's creation was motivated by the same drive and spirit that fuels Polynoid's creative course. By extending our dedication to detail and storytelling, WOODBLOCK opens up new possibilities through the inclusion and connection of different directing and animation talent.

Whatever the project requires, from highly-stylized to photoreal, we bring a strong background and expertise plus some extra love.




Skalitzer Strasse 51
10997 Berlin (Germany)
Phone: +49 30 / 537 959 81

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Königsallee 37
71638 Ludwigsburg (Germany)
Phone: +49 7141 / 487 39 88

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