by Polynoid

Polynoid unleashes a beast with our latest for the SS18 global relaunch of the iconic adidas Football Predator boot. Polynoid+Woodblock joined forces with FITCH to create this dark and gripping piece, flaunting the boot’s ultimate killer instincts in striking ability and master control.

Film Stills


Client – Adidas
Global Brand Marketing Football – Moritz Hock

Agency – FITCH
Creative Director – Ben Schosmann
Project Manager – Lucca Bergallo

Production Company & Animation Studio – Woodblock
Creative Director – Polynoid
Producer – Konrad Weser
Artists – Fabian Pross, Ilija Brunck, Csaba Letay, Michael Heberlein,
Roman Kälin, Elias Asisi, Christoph Zippel, Ivan Vasiljevic,
Vlada Jurisic, Josip Vrandecic

Music & Sound Design – TRO