by Polynoid

Blue Blast

ACE17 Blue Blast erupts with dynamic energy and a nod to the retro influences of skate and hip hop culture. Using haptic FX showcasing the boot fully immersed in its distinct environments, Polynoid once again brings the piece together by bending the rules of time and space, as we are served a visual treat.

Film Stills

Red Limit

Red Limit ACE17. NEVER FOLLOW. brings us into our second year of global campaigns with adidas directed by Polynoid. Bringing the worlds of stadium, cage and street soccer together; Polynoid delivers an infusion of visuals with culture and authenticity, which focus on each shoe’s signature design and function. While each of the three worlds delivers its own unique style, the entire piece seamlessly showcases the energy and unity of the campaign.

Film Stills


Client – Adidas
Global Brand Marketing Football – Moritz Hock

Agency – Woodblock

Director – Polynoid

Production Company & Animation Studio – Woodblock
Producer – Selina Schmitt, Lars Wagner
Artists – Jan Bitzer, Paul Schicketanz, Csaba Letay, Roman Hinkel, Thorsten Löffler, Christopher Hummel, Markus Eschrich, Ilija Brunck, Mars Dolschon, Michael Heberlein, Ivan Vasiljevic, Vlada Jurisic, Josip Vrandecic, Paul Paslea, Sarah Eim

Music & Sounddesign – TRO