SKY 1 – Rebrand Idents

Woodblock took Sky 1’s mascot on a fantastic joyride through our complete channel rebrand package, launched via a series of spots released throughout last year. From spinning in tornadoes, busting through with lasers, propelling exploding paint cans to gravity-defying flying kicks, Sky’s ONE was brought to life by showcasing its playful and adventurous side. Here’s our compilation reel. Enjoy!


Film Stills


Client – SKY 1

Director of Brand & Creative – Liz Darran
Executive Creative Director – Simon Buglione
Head of Design – Ceri Sampson
Creative Director – Alex Haley
Senior Designer – Hywel Williams
Designer – Julian Samos
Design Manager – Toasty Kunheim
Rebrand Controller – Lydia Goomansingh
Producer – Sue Dhaliwal

Production Company – Passion Pictures
Executive Producer – Ryan Goodwin- Smith
Head of Production – Mike Turoff
Producer – Dom Thompson Talbot, Matt Saxton

Animation Studio – Woodblock
Director – Fabian Pross, Ilija Brunck
Producer – Selina Schmitt, Lars Wagner
Artists – Fabian Pross, Marco Kowalik, Thorsten Loeffler, Jan Bitzer, Mars Dolschon, Onnie Pohl,
Roman Hinkel, Csaba Letay, Paul Schicketanz, Michael Heberlein, Helen Choi

Music Supervision – Tro
Music – Alexis Troy “Dead Calm”